Makram Kebti

July 19, 2018

A Day in the Life of a Day Trader – Trader2B


I am a trader. This is a title in which I take great pride, one that took years and tears of many trades, both good and bad. There is a great need and importance for balance in the life of a trader. The Greek word for Balance is “sophrosene”. It means that in all endeavors, true success is attained when you learn to achieve the middle way. I found that middle ground when I joined the Live Education provide by Trader2B. This program offers a unique balance of challenge and education, of risk and reward, and of professional opportunity and acquiring new skills.

The balance within the program lives in the fact that anyone can pay a fee to join the ToroChallenge. However, the Live Education not only includes the ToroChallenge but also includes a comprehensive learning component; participants are walkthrough the rules of the challenge and taught how to manage risk, capital and emotions to achieve success within the program and ultimately being funded. This program is balanced with the unique features of offering a trading platform, Haywood Trader, with a trading challenge that leads to a chance for a funded trading account while giving you the supporting, mentoring and coaching needed to succeed.

This concept of balance describes more than just the fear and greed syndrome, the psychological pushes and pulls traders feel during the day. But the same applied in other ways: The balance between patience and the confidence to act, the balance between an orderly repetitive process and the necessity of innovation, and the balance between the loneliness of trading and the need for human interaction. During the course of my day, I strive to achieve the middle way by balancing these often contradictory impulses. I find it easy to do so when there is a strong support system that is offered by Trader2B to help me control the urges.

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