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October 16, 2020

How to Get a Funded Trading Account to Trade Stocks

The aim of  Proprietary traders “ prop trader”  is to get a funded trading account so they can leverage more capital, this gives them the opportunity to generate more profits. Otherwise, they would be slowly climbing the ladder, which can take an enormous amount of time, often it is time people don’t have.

The ToroChallenge by helps people realize their potential and help them reach their goal of becoming a funded trader faster. If you think you have what it takes to become a funded trader then sign up!

#1 – Practice, Practice, Practice

This should go without saying, but if you want to become a professionally funded trader, you are going to have to practice and pick up everything you can about trading.

Before can approve you for a funded trading account, you are going to have to be at a certain level and be able to trade at a certain standard. The ToroChallenge is open to anyone, but you must know what you are doing first.

#2 – Be Consistent

Being consistent is going to greatly help you pass the ToroChallenge. Consistency is key to being profitable, which is important to understand when trading stocks.

Being consistent means to not go chasing stocks but to let the opportunities come to you, and to stick to your trading plan which leads me on to the next point.


#3 Stick to your Trading Plan

Your trading plan is going to be like your bible, which you must follow religiously if you are going to pass the ToroChallenge and become a funded trader.

Your plan should outline the guidelines that will help you select which stocks to trade, as well as when to enter and exit certain trades. If you are able to stick to your trading plan, then you will show signs of being able to pass the ToroChallenge and become a funded trader.


#4 – Manage your risk

To be successful in the ToroChallenge and become a funded trader you need to be able to demonstrate attributes of a professional trader, and one of those attributes is being able to manage risk.

Risking too much could cause you to lose too much money. Funded traders of the program know how to keep risk under control.


#5 – The ToroChallenge

Once you have taken all the previous points into consideration, you might feel like you are ready to try and become a funded trader. Thankfully there is a program that can help you with this next step.

The ToroChallenge, created by features a trading simulation platform, where anyone can practice real trading in real-time, without risking real money.

The trading simulation will allow you to flex your stocks trading muscles at your own pace, as well as gain real stock market experience. Once you pass the ToroChallenge, you will be on your way to being a funded trader with a funded trading account.

You will be funded up to $1,000,000 of real money from third-party funds, and you will get to keep 85% of the profits that you make. There is a reason people flock to, and it’s because they want to get funded so they can become a funded trader, and makes that happen.

Join the ToroChallenge and see if you have what it takes to be a funded trader!



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