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October 24, 2018

What It’s Like to Travel and Trade in a Foreign Country?


~The Travelling Trader

A thought popped into my head this morning as I sat drinking my morning coffee, staring out into the Pacific Ocean from a small town in the province of Oaxaca, Mexico.  I have 7 weeks left here in Mexico before my visa runs out and I’m running low on cash.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hitting the panic button just yet, but if I don’t start either improving my trading win ratio or earning some money other ways, I’m afraid I’ll find out the answer to that question the hard way.

So, I start thinking, I can either keep trading and find some further education to improve my trading or invest in some “Holy Grail” trading strategy, which doesn’t exist by the way; or get a job, no thanks. So, what does any good digital nomad do? I start scouring the web for the answer, that’s what.

While searching for day trading educational programs I came across several companies that allow you to trade their funds, interesting… it’s called being a funded trader, basically, you work for them as an independent contractor placing trades on their behalf using their capital and earn money by taking a percentage of the profits, and some of them have free training programs that even beginners can join and get started.  Perfect! Now I can keep trading, learn from the pros and all without the worry of risking my own money.

Researching the Web

After a couple of days of solid web research and a couple of Skype calls I came up with a company called Trader2B. While there were dozens of other programs out there, some just had no information others just had a sign-up form, or their entry fees were exuberant, such as “Funded Day Trader” who wanted $3495 just to join. Trader2B seemed like a good fit.

They allow me to trade remotely from any location around the world and give me access to a free active chatroom and community to engage with other traders while I traveling abroad. Their weekly payout structure was also suitable for someone like myself as I periodically need to withdraw money to go on one-off adventures and excursions. Even their progression system was suitable for a traveling trader like myself. If I could consistently profit from the markets, I would be given more capital to trade, which was great for me because I would be able to earn more money in trading the same way. I quickly enrolled in the ToroChallenge by Trader2B to prove that I was an experienced trader. After passing the challenge, I was given a live trading account for 100k and now I’m back to enjoying my travels while trading.

Stay Tuned on the weekly posts of my Experiences 

As for my next move, I will be heading to the south of Guatemala, stopping at internet cafés along the way in the morning to execute some trades from the Haywood Trading Platform. Because the living expense is cheaper the further south I go, I don’t need tens of thousands of dollars each week to support my lifestyle. All I need to do is consistently make a thousand dollars a week and I can enjoy the best lifestyle ever!

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