March 15, 2018

What is the trader2B Live Evaluation?

trader2B (t2B) uses the evaluation to assess newcomer traders. Newcomers include anyone who has applied to become a trader2B Prop Trader regardless of background or trading skill. Three hundred trades and 1,000USD net profit must be achieved in order to complete the live evaluation.

The first net profit of 1,000USD earned by each trader goes into the risk pool. The risk pool covers other trader’s losses. Three hundred trades are used to get a relatively accurate depiction of trading skill and volatility.

Traders who have accumulated a net loss of 1,000USD, or who consistently do not comply with the max loss rules are removed from the evaluation program. They are refunded for any outstanding non-traded months following a 30 days’ advance notice.

Upon completion of the evaluation, it is determined how much buying power to give to a trader. trader2B predicts future trades using technical indicators such as profit/loss, average profit, average loss, and the Sharpe Ratio. Buying power can be adjusted anywhere from 10,000-250,000USD. As most traders know, the higher the buying power, the more sizeable the payouts may be.

The evaluation is performed using real money and must be completed in order to become a paid Prop Trader.

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