Funded Live Cryptocurrency Trading

Trader2B is the First proprietary cryptocurrency trading firm

We offer state of the art technology that allows you to gain access to tier one banking infrastructure, ongoing support and trading in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple.


Simulation trading

Buying Power from 25k to 100k
Coaching 5 one-on-one Session
Online course-videos 1 month access
Chat Room 1 month access
Haywood Trader Desktop, chart trading function & Mobile App Real time data and order books and market news-   1 month Access
Daily Max loss from $200 to $500
Max drawdown from 1k to 3k
Profit target during evaluation from 1.5k to 6k
Coin Contribution

Live Trading

Buying Power up to 250k
Coaching 18 one-on-one Sessions
Online course-videos 3 months access
Chat Room 3 months access
Haywood Trader Desktop, chart trading function & Mobile App Real time data and order books and market news-   3 months Access
Daily Max loss set at a percentage from Coin Contribution
Max drawdown Coin Contribution
Profit Sharing 80% to trader

Traders will have access to :

one-on-one coaching
funded trading account
live trading chat
trading platfrom
trading training video
Crypto 25
Buying power $25,000
Profit target $5,000
Daily max loss $300
Total Max Drawdown $1,500
Minimum trades 150rt


Crypto 50
Buying power $50,000
Profit target $10,000
Daily max loss $600
Total Max Drawdown $3,000
Minimum trades 150rt


Crypto 100
Buying power $100,000
Profit target $20,000
Daily max loss $1,000
Total Max Drawdown $6,000
Minimum trades 150rt


*Billed Quarterly

Trader2B is proud to announce that we are now offering funded trading accounts for cryptocurrency traders. Sign up to the CryptoChallenge™ and prove yourself as a successful crypto trader for the opportunity to join our new cryptocurrency prop. trading group where we fund profitable traders to trade in this new and exciting market. We believe cryptocurrencies trading is like trading any other asset classes and with proper risk management, successful traders can excel in this space.

Furthermore, traditional financial models and business analyst are to slow to keep with up with this fast-pace technology, shifting the advantages to those who are tech savvy and forward thinking.

This is why we believe there are excellent crypto traders out there, and we want to find them! Sign up to our CryptoChallenge™. Prove you have what it takes. Trade a live funded account and receive a profit sharing split.

live day trading

Coaching and mentorship

Our philosophy on developing successful traders is based on the premise that every trader is unique. Each trader will have different personalities, risk tolerance, and financial/lifestyle goals. This is why we take a personalized approach to help you develop your own customized trading style. We’ll teach you the skills, tools, knowledge and provide the necessary guidance for you to capture opportunities in today’s financial markets.

We are taking our years of expertise and coaching experience trading in equities market over to cryptocurrencies world. We apply our principles of strict risk management and attainable goals approach while emphasizing the need to be mindful and discipline when executing your trading plan. Our unique methods have been very successful in helping traders succeed in trading the equities market and now we offer you similar one-on-one coaching and mentoring for cryptocurrencies trading.

funded account

Funded accounts

At Trader2B, we are looking for consistent and disciplined traders who are committed to becoming professional day traders. Regardless of skill level, we want those who are passionate with positive and determined attitude to succeed. The defining characteristics of a motivated individual is all we need.

As a proprietary trading firm, we offer an opportunity to day trade the U.S. stock markets and cryptocurrencies to individuals that meet our criteria. Our goal is to help individuals overcome all the hurdles of day trading by providing individuals with all the tools necessary to achieve success. To do this we offer funded accounts, coaching and training, and mentorship for equities and cryptocurrency trading.

How does it work? At Trader2B, we carry the risk and ask that participants join either the CryptoChallengeTM or make a capital contribution to leverage additional margin trading buying power provided by Trader2B.

Trading takes place on the Haywood Trader software which will give you immediate market access and real-time market data so that you can trade within the CryptoChallengeTM or the Capital Contribution. CryptoChallengeTM participants must go through an evaluation phase in order to get access to live funded accounts, whereas, Capital Contribution participants can begin trading live right away.

Successful participants in the CryptoChallengeTM and the Capital Contribution will engage in profit sharing with Trader2B. Biweekly payouts begin as low as a 50% split and increases with more success and larger trading capital.


During the evaluation stage, all CryptoChallengeTM participants must follow the rules of the challenge and meet the criteria necessary in order to join the Trader2B proprietary trading group. Once a track recorded is developed and the individuals proves themselves worthy of funded capital, then they will move over to the Pro Trader stage where funding and profit sharing takes place.


In the Pro Trader stage, all the successful CryptoChallengeTM and Capital Contribution participants will begin with a live funded trading account. Profit sharing takes place a biweekly schedule and starts as low as 50% up to 90%, depending on the amount of capital traded. We take on the risk so all you have to do is focus on making good trades.

cryptocurrencies chatroom


Whether you are new to trading or a veteran trader want to progress in trading equities or cryptocurrency market, with Trader2B you can now join our chatroom during market hours, and get in touch with hundreds of like-minded day traders. Our interactive chatroom provides an excellent forum to get market sentiment information and opinions from those who are trading assets similar to you.

You will have the ability to survey other traders for information, get access to interactive webinars, real-time coaching and mentoring, in addition to sharing break news and information with other traders.

Our community of traders enjoy socializing about all aspects of trading. From the winning trades that help boost your confidences to losing trades that break you down mentally, our community of traders provide that support necessary to help individuals overcome all the pitfalls. Trading is a difficult journey to overcome alone. Join our chatroom and see how many people go through the familiar struggles on their journey to begin a successful trader

Trader Development Videos

Trader2B has developed and extensive video library on trading equities and cryptocurrencies market to help new and veteran traders get information on various topics from Platform Execution to Strategy Development. We provide these tools as helpful learn aids to give traders additional information they may not know.

Furthermore, our professional training videos provide new traders with all the information you need to begin the process of trading stocks or cryptocurrencies. These videos provide you the freedom to learn at your own pace while you practice and develop your skills. After each lesson, a quiz will be given to review what you have and ensure you thoroughly understand the training materials before moving on.

Our online video modules teach you everything you need to know in order increase you chance at day trading successful!

online trading courses

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