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Funding levels   

Choose from a variety of subscription levels that allows you to trade within your comfort level and budget.

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Become a funded traded with trader2B and we’ll refund your initial cost of participating in the ToroChallenge®

Market data

Market depth level 2 view data lets you see execution orders and where trades are being routed.


Our analytics platform can help you evaluate your trading activity and track goals.

Proprietary technology

We support our traders with a fast and flexible desktop trading platform and mobile app.


You’ll receive a complimentary one-on-one coaching session to review your performance.

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The ToroChallenge®, trader2B’s simulated trading platform, provides you with unlimited, real-time trading practice as well as access to expert tools. Show your profitability in the challenge and Get Funded 

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Our program includes interactive educational content which improves your knowledge on topics such as risk management, technical analysis and trade planning.