b.1)What are the rules for ToroChallenge™?

Your account will be deemed ineligible to receive a funded-live account should you fail to meet the following rules:
1. Execute at least 150 round trades within the allowable symbols.
2. Only trade allowed symbols intra-day, No overnight positions.
3. All trade orders must be entered from 9:30 to 15:50 EST time; Traders need to flat all positions by 15:50 EST.
4. Do not reach or exceed the Total Max Drawdown.
5. Respect the Per Position Max Loss. If the position Open PnL exceeds the amount below, the Risk System will flat the positions automatically.

Stock Price Range Max Loss Per Share
$1.00 – $20.00 $0.20
$20.01 – $30.00 $0.25
$30.01 – $50.00 $0.30
$50.01 – $70.00 $0.35
$70.01 – $100.00 $0.45
$100.01 – $160.00 $0.55
$160.01 – $500.00 $0.65


For Example:
• Trader X bought 100 shares of FB @ $180.21. The market moved against Trader X and FB went down to $179.55 which equals to a loss of $0.66 and as a result is then flattened by the Risk System.

Traders can also carry forward their account balances when they renew their account regardless if it was positive or negative.
You can always contact our support line by emailing trading@trader2b.com if you wish to discuss modifying the parameters to follow a specific strategy or system that you wish to experiment on and we will surely try to assist you with your preferences.

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