b.3) What are the rules for ToroChallenge™?

The ToroChallenge is a real-time simulated equities account where your trading is evaluated for the opportunity to get funded with our capital

Once you reach the Profit target along with the minimum amount of round trades without breaking any rules, your Funded Account will be waiting:

1. Only trade allowed symbols intra-day. No pre/post market orders.
2. Traders need to flat all positions before 15:57 EST.
3. Do not reach or exceed the Total Max Drawdown.
4. Pick a handful of symbols that are most profitable for you to trade consistently.
5. Respect the Daily Max Loss as mentioned below.

ToroChallenge Parameters




Buying Power
Daily Max Loss
Account Max Drawdown
Round Trades
Profit Target


Traders can also choose to Reset their account at their own convenience which will reset their account balances and trading statistics to 0.


Traders can also carry forward their account balances when they renew their account regardless if it was positive or negative.

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