Funded Live Day Trading Account

Passionate about day trading the stock markets? Get the financial freedom you’vealways wanted. Here at Trader2b we offer fully funded live day trading accounts to traders who may lack the mandatory capital requirement to day trade the stock markets. You can immediately start day trading with a live t2b-funded live trading account at 0 risk. There is no deposit and no capitalcontribution necessary to get you started with us.

As a matter of fact, the process to get set up with a fully funded live day trading account here at Trader2b is very simple. You will have the choice of two (2) options, to work your way to a funded live day trading account. More specifically, it will be your choice to sign up to either the Live Evaluation or the ToroChallenge.

live day trading account

So long as our day traders pass the evaluation stage, we can increase the capital of their fully funded live day trading accounts to up to $250,000. In other words, here at Trader2b with zero risk to the pockets of our day traders, anyone interested in day trading the stock markets can achieve the high-quality lifestyle he or she wants.

On the other hand,with zero risk to your pockets, the ToroChallenge gets you steps closer to a fully funded live day trading account. As mentioned before, we provide up to $250,000 in funding. So, if you believe your trading style earns money, then prove it. Just meet the profit target on our stock markets simulator using the buying power of your choice, and we will award you with the firm’s capital to trade stocks on both the NYSE and NASDAQ.

Moreover, for additional value the ToroChallenge includes an array of onlinestock markets courses which can teach traders what they need to know to help them successfully and strategically day trade the stock markets. For example, our online stock markets and day trading courses examine both technical and fundamental analysis, which are important to a trader’s education. In sum, feel free to challenge yourself, because we got you covered with the ToroChallenge.

If you already have the trading experience,
and you’re just missing the funding,
our ToroChallenge may be right for you!