Funded Live Day Trading Account

Do you have what it takes to become a professional day trader?

We offer you the funding, training, and one-on-one coaching to guide you through your journey to your day trading success.

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$ 975

Starting balance $25,000
Coaching 5 Session one-on-one
Online course-videos 1 month access
Chat Room 1 month access
Haywood Trader Desktop &chart trading function & Mobile App Real time data and order books and market news-   1 months Access
Daily Max loss starts at $40
Max drawdown $300
Profit target during evaluation $1,000
Best Value. Save 15%!

$ 2,475

Starting balance $30,000
Coaching 18 Sessions one-on-one
Online course-videos 3 months access
Chat Room 3 months access
Haywood Trader Desktop &chart trading function & Mobile App Real time data and order books and market news-   3 months Access
Daily Max loss starts at $50
Max drawdown $700
Profit target during evaluation $1,000

Day Traders will have access to :

one-on-one coaching

one-on-one coaching

funded trading account

Funded live account from day one

live trading chat

Live chat room- to benefit from our expert traders

trading platfrom

State of the art platform for your desktop and mobile device

trading training video

Advanced online training videos

t2B presents the opportunity to people who want to learn how to day trade the stock markets, and access smart day trading techniques from successful market professionals. Join thousands of traders from all over the world who have taken advantage of our effective and efficient training program along with our one-on-one coaching to learn about our proven trading approach. The opportunity is available wherever you are, and at your own speed

Our goal is to help traders at any level improve their profitability through expert training, coaching, hands-on trading, cutting-edge risk management and real-time support.

Create lifestyle and freedom that you’ve been dreaming of by being a pro trader, there’s no need to be on Wall Street to become a profitable trader!.

live day trading

Coaching and mentorship

Would you like to start trading with a personal coach that gives you real confidence that you’ll reach the financial freedom goals you want? Fast-track your trading and reach your financial goals faster with our Mentorship program’s one-on-one coaching.

Our expert team will guide you and hold your hands from day one. We will meet you online or on the phone to personally review your trades, guide and support you day by day from platform installation to picking up the stocks to trade to setting up risk and reward metrics per trade. The coaching is available to help you take measurable steps towards your personal goals. Our coaching is based on trust, making you feel heard as well as supported, focusing on the performance.

funded account

Funded accounts

Wondering how you get started as a trader without capital? We offer funded trading accounts to day trade the U.S. stock markets and cryptocurrencies. Our goal is to bring you the real day trading experience and teach you proven day trading approaches which work on the live market. It’s your opportunity to earn a living day trading –with our capital.

As a proprietary trading firm, we believe in providing both real live day trading and/or simulated day trading accounts, in order for you to get the maximum amount of funding to trade live— regardless the type of account, we’ll put you in the action right away. Put simply, we are looking for consistent and disciplined traders who are committed to becoming professional day traders. As a result, we require everyone to prepare and go through an evaluation period.

No deposit or capital contribution is ever required. We carry the risk and put hundreds of traders worldwide on the path to financial freedom – will you be our next success story?

Trader2B’s software gives you immediate market access and real-time market data, funding you with a $25,000 live account to start day trading. Over an evaluation stage, our coaches will mentor and monitor your trading activities to help you succeed using what you are learning through real-time live trading.

Our extra trading capital and weekly profit sharing model pays out up to 90% of the profit share, which enables you to make more money as you enter the markets with one of our funded accounts.

Evaluation Stage

Wondering how you can get started as a day trader without capital? Here at Trader2B we offer fully funded trading accounts in order to day trade the U.S stock markets. You can now get the financial freedom you’ve always wanted. All you need to do is day trade with a live t2b-funded account, at 0 risk to your pockets. Remember, there is no deposit and no capital contribution necessary to get you started with us.

PRO TRADER Post Evaluation

Once enrolled, we set you up with a fully funded live day trading account to begin day trading the stock markets right away. Afterwards, as soon as you pass the evaluation stage and meet the net profit target, we will then increase the funding of your live t2b-funded account. In fact, we fund our pro-traders up to $250,000. We also payout up to 90% of the profit share

day trading chatroom


Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trader wanting to progress in trading the stock markets, with t2B you can now join our chat room during market hours, and get in touch with like minded day traders. Joining our chatroom can become a way for you to benefit and learn from the experience of similar day traders from around the World.

Lookat which stocks other traders are trading, and get to know the reasons behind their trades. Enjoy our community of traders by socializing with them on a regular basis. At t2B our traders share the same passion as you!

Similarly, learn from the trading mistakes new traders often make. Most importantly, learn to avoid these errors and become a profitable day trader

Regardless of your location or how much time you are spending day trading, with t2B you’ll get the proper training, as well as access to our coaches. Simply put, with us you’ll be in contact with a friendly community of traders.

Training Videos

For new traders, the stock markets are a good starting point, with their daily activity, liquidity levels, and available historical market data. It’s important to understand stocks and the markets, to get it right from the start.

Learn to trade with our professional training videos. Study at your own level and pace, anywhere you want via mobile connection and a computer. Our expert videos cover all important trading aspects – how to place a trade, finding the right stocks, how to prepare to trade each day before the market opens; and how to correctly set up your trades. You’ll learn all this and much more.

After each lesson, take the quiz to review what you’ve learned and ensure you thoroughly understand the training material before moving on to the next lesson. Go back and review whenever you want to.

Our online video course modules teach you what you need to know in order to improve, and successfully day trade the stock markets.

online trading courses

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