The ToroChallenge™ Rewards Program

Earn 25% While You Learn

To be Qualified for the 25%  Cash Rewards Program:

  1. Three months subscription is minimum (one-time payment)
  2. Free trial is not available
  3. Initial subscription reimbursement is not available
  4. Promo codes cant be used with the rewards program
  5. Do not exceed ToroChallenge™ limits
  6. Can’t accumulate the monthly profit from month to month  
  7. A profit less than $300 will be carried forward to the next calendar month
  8. A maximum payout is 25% of the profit target in the ToroChallenge™
  9. All payouts will be send between the 10th & 15th of the following calendar month
  10. A minimum 100 rounds trades for rewards are required
  11. Placing trades for the purpose of reaching the round trades will not be counted