The ToroChallenge™

Get Funded By Taking The ToroChallenge™ Today

Choose a Buying power ToroChallenge™ Package Below, Pass It, We Will Fund You The Same Amount Of Capital To Trade Live, And Refund Your Initial Cost For The Challenge


billed quarterly
$299/m billed monthly
( include Market Data)

Buying power $25,000
Profit target $1,500
Daily max loss $200
Total Max Drawdown $1,000
Max position/symbol 300 shares
Minimum trades 200 rounds

billed quarterly
$399/m billed monthly
(Include Market Data)

Buying power $50,000
Profit target $3,000
Daily max loss $300
Total Max Drawdown $2,000
Max position/symbol 500 shares
Minimum trades 200 rounds

billed quarterly
$499/m billed monthly
(Include Market Data)

Buying power $100,000
Profit target $6,000
Daily max loss $500
Total Max Drawdown $3,000
Max position/symbol 1,000 shares
Minimum trades 200 rounds

Why Traders Like You Are Choosing The ToroChallenge™

one-on-one coaching

Save Money

Some people spend thousands teaching themselves to day trade. Don’t go broke chasing your dreams, take the ToroChallenge™ and do it for free

trading platfrom

Get Funded Trading Account

When you pass The ToroChallenge™you will be awarded the same amount of capital as the challenge you signed up for

funded trading account

We Refund

After successfully completing The ToroChallenge™ you will be refunded for the initial cost of the package you chose

trading training video

Quality Support

Our support team will answer any question that you have within 24 hours. They are very knowledgeable about the U.S stock market and day trading

Use the ToroChallenge™ to Become a Successful
Day Trader at Little Cost

If you are dreaming about the financial freedom being a full-time trader can bring you, look no further. Pass the ToroChallenge™ and you will be a fully funded trader at zero cost. No more excuses; the opportunity is here now, take The ToroChallenge™ today!

funded live trading account

What Are the Benefits to the ToroChallenge™?

The ToroChallenge™ offers many benefits. The biggest benefit being that we take a risk on you when you pass The ToroChallenge™. trader2B takes all of the risk out of trading your own capital by giving you our capital to trade.

No Deposit or Capital Contribution is Ever Required

The Best Features of the ToroChallenge™

  • Increase Your Odds of Becoming a Successful Trader
  • Get an Access to The Firm's Capital
  • Higher Payout Than Most Prop Firms
  • Get Paid Bi-Weekly
  • Cutting Edge Proprietary Technology
  • Superior Customer Support Team
  • Access to a Library of Educational Videos
  • Risk-Free Way to Teach Yourself How to Day trade

The ToroChallenge™ and trader2B tools will help you grow as a trader:

Perform better
  • You have the freedom to perfect trade setups and your own ideas, without having to worry about your bank account
  • The proprietary simulation is one of the most accurate on the market today.
  • There are no emotional attachments to the money you are trading.
  • Most successful traders claim to have spent hundreds of thousands learning to trade, while you have the opportunity to do it for free.
  • You are not risking any money of your own.
  • Your initial fee for The ToroChallenge™ will be refunded to you when you pass and get funded
  • Once you are enrolled in the live trading program, you have free access to the proprietary software, you just pay market data.
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Financial Freedom

Financial freedom means that you don’t have to choose between going out to dinner or to the movies. It means that you have the freedom to make the choices you want. Becoming a funded trader with the The ToroChallenge™ can give you the financial freedom you desire.

Be in control of your own trades and your own lifestyle. With the ToroChallenge™, successful candidates can have unlimited earning potential of up to a 85% profit sharing split, paid out bi-weekly. Have the freedom to work when you want, where you want and on your own terms. Start proving yourself in the ToroChallenge™ now!

Online Training Videos

The minute you sign up for the ToroChallenge™ you will have access to a library of training videos. Our online stock markets and day trading courses require only several minutes to complete each chapter, thereby allowing traders to get through each chapter at their own individual pace. trader2B’s online stock markets courses cover a wide array of topics, every topic is followed by a short quiz oquestions, to help traders synthesize and retain the information they have just learned from their introduction to the material .


online trading courses
online trading courses

MyMetrics Report

WIth the ToroChallenge™ you will be able to analyze your trading metrics , trading journal and goal tracking . The ToroChallenge™ program comes equipped with more than 30 trading metrics to understad your trading habits. MyMetrices report will tell you the enhancements you need to work on to pass the ToroChallengeTM.



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