Our ToroChallenge™ fast tracks the process to getting you funded on one of our live accounts. This simulation challenge is designed to help you learn and become a consistently profitable trader. It gives you the experience of participating in the stock market as if you were trading live. Read more about the Rules and trading symbols list for this simulation challenge.

Accordingly, putting your money at risk in the stock market can be terrifying and complicated for many new traders. For these reasons, it is highly recommended to practice before trading with your own hard earned capital. At zero-risk, it will enable you to have an authentic experience trading the U.S stock markets, the TSX, futures, and cryptocurrencies*.

stock market simulator


Our ToroChallenge™ includes both real-time data from the stock market and a smart simulated execution system, in an effort to create the experience of using a live online trading account. Traders are given virtual buying power and with this, they can execute virtual trades using real-time stock market data. In fact, our “Reset" button gives traders the possibility for new and higher buying power!

The ToroChallenge™ can benefit people in many different ways. For example, stock market coaches and mentors use it as a mechanism to teach their students about the stock market. In addition, some veteran traders use it to test out new trading strategies and others simply want it in order to feel how it is to execute trades. Detailed trading reports are also provided in order to assess individual performance, thereby allowing traders the opportunity for improvement and further success.

To be a better trader

Regardless of your current level of stock market trading knowledge, our ToroChallenge™ can help make you a better trader. Lastly, apart from the educational aspect, we believe the ToroChallenge™ is very entertaining and exciting to trade with as well.

Every successful trader needs a plan. The ToroChallenge™ market movers feature shows the most traded symbols in terms of volume, as well as the top gainers and losers represented in real-time. Moreover, the ToroChallenge™ platform displays the top liquidity provider to keep you ahead of the market action. With our ToroChallenge™ you can now trade: bull, bear and sideways markets. Perfecting your trading strategies can become an affordable enterprise with the ToroChallenge™, as opposed to downloading expensive software and market data information.

Toro 25
Buying power $25,000
Profit target $1,500
Daily max loss $200
Total Max Drawdown $1,000
Max position/symbol 300 shares
Minimum trades 150rt

$150 Per Month

Toro 50
Buying power $50,000
Profit target $3,000
Daily max loss $300
Total Max Drawdown $2,000
Max position/symbol 500 shares
Minimum trades 150rt

$200 Per Month

Toro 100
Buying power $100,000
Profit target $6,000
Daily max loss $500
Total Max Drawdown $3,000
Max position/symbol 1000 shares
Minimum trades 150rt

$300 Per Month

Trading App simulator

Be flexible

The ToroChallenge™ is mobile friendly and so easy to use that you can be making trades within minutes at any time and anywhere. You can use limit, market, or stop orders like in the real market. You can quickly place a trade by clicking on the price level, as well as modify and cancel orders easily. You will be able to see offers and bid prices from different exchanges in dynamic ladder view.

Our ToroChallenge™ platform provides you with Low Latency market data. It comprises a list of the top percent and dollar movers in the market, up or down, all reflected in real-time. Likewise, with the ToroChallenge™ real-time charting, you can Trade from the Chart funcionality, and view the historical intraday chart data from 1 minute to 10 years. Furthermore, you can conveniently display the volume indicator and open multiple charts at once. More importantly, you can fully customize your trading experience with over 100 technical indicators, and over 100 drawing tools. Lastly, our ToroChallenge™ platform supports multiple screens, so that our traders can be able to configure personalized layout workspaces and easily link together all windows.

If you already have the trading experience,
and you’re just missing the funding,
our ToroChallenge may be right for you!