Trading Challenge - Challenge Your Limits, Not Your Capital


Trading Challenge

Maneuver in a trading simulator with unlimited trading practice. Endless educational opportunities let you tweak trading skills on an unrivaled platform. Real timeline software facilitates the art of learning how to trade and become funded trader.

Train & Build Confidence

Raise your trading aptitude. Learn and train new skill sets in an elevated interactive learning environment without risk to personal capital.


Priority One

Engage with fellow learners on an optimized trading simulator platform where a dynamic learning environment develops, integrates, and advances skills.

Creating Win-Win Relationships

Enter a platform that caters to all learning levels, from seasoned traders to those just wanting to see if they have the knack for trading.


Find the right ToroChallenge® plan for you.

Use the ToroChallenge® to Become a Successful Day Trader at Little Cost

If you are seeking the financial freedom you could have by becoming a full-time trader, look no further. Pass the ToroChallenge® and you will be a fully funded trader at zero cost. No more excuses; the opportunity is here now. Take the Trading Challenge today!


You have the freedom to perfect trade setups and your own ideas, without having to worry about your bank account The proprietary simulation is one of the most accurate on the market today. There are no emotional attachments to the money you are trading.



Most successful traders claim to have spent hundreds of thousands learning to trade, while you have the opportunity to do it for free. You are not risking any money of your own.



Your initial fee for the ToroChallenge™ will be refunded to you when you pass and get funded. Once you are enrolled in the live trading program, you have free access to the proprietary software, you only pay for Pro-market data.


Metrics Methodology

Track your progress with MyMetrics reporting system. Use 30 trading margin metrics and a trading and goal-tracking journal to reveal greater insights into your trading habits. Plus, your metrics populate suggestions to help you pass the ToroChallenge® .

Quality Support

Discover a dedicated customer service support team to help you get started, answer technical questions, and facilitate your trade learning journey.


Accelerated Training Boost Know-How

trader2B puts exceptional educational resources at your fingertips. You gain access to a wide selection of topics in our library of training videos. Concise chapters allow you to grasp and retain more information. Quick quizzes strengthen your knowledge base.

Start your ToroChallenge® Find your plan now.

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