Unlike anything else available in the market today! The ToroChallenge ™ match engine uses intelligent technology to deliver the most accurate real-time market trading experience. The Toro engine is integrated with various exchanges and dark pools, mimicking executions orders and liquidity. Trader2B has invested extensive amount of resource to develop this technology to help us find the elite traders who are able to pass the ToroChallenge™ trading simulator to join our proprietary trading group.

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Our ToroChallenge™ trading simulator was designed to collect trading data and performance metrics on individual traders. Upon completion, Trader2B will analyze the performance and successful ToroChallenge™ candidates will be funded with a live trading account of up to $100,000 on a profit sharing split. In addition, this intelligent technology can be implemented by algorithmic traders to accurately test their strategy in real-time, be used by coaches and mentors to provide enhanced one-on-one training and finally, for new or veteran traders that want to improve their skills within the markets.

The intuitive dashboard on Trader2B provides precise and transparent performance metrics for each individual trader and strategies using 50 different KPIs and performance indicators, to distinguish sharp traders from the rest!


The ToroChallenge™ is designed to help you learn and become a consistently profitable trader by allowing you to interact in real-time market action without risking your capital using Level II market data and chart trading functionality. Use over 100 different technical analysis indicators and drawing tools for studying your charts.

You can now trade: bull, bear and sideways markets in some of the most liquid exchange and asset classes in the world. The ToroChallenge™ is mobile friendly and so easy to use that you can be making trades within seconds at anytime and anywhere. You can use limit, market, or stop orders like in the real market. You can quickly place a trade by clicking on the price level, as well as modify and cancel orders easily. You will be able to see offers and bid prices from different exchanges in dynamic ladder view.

Toro 25
Buying power $25,000
Profit target $1,500
Daily max loss $200
Total Max Drawdown $1,000
Max position/symbol 300 shares
Minimum trades 200rt


Toro 50
Buying power $50,000
Profit target $3,000
Daily max loss $300
Total Max Drawdown $2,000
Max position/symbol 500 shares
Minimum trades 200rt


Toro 100
Buying power $100,000
Profit target $6,000
Daily max loss $500
Total Max Drawdown $3,000
Max position/symbol 1,000 shares
Minimum trades 200rt


*Billed Quarterly

**Excludes real time market data ($49/Month, $99/Quarter)


Be in control of your own trades and your own lifestyle. With the ToroChallenge™, successful candidates can have unlimited earning potential of up to a 90% profit sharing split, paid out bi-weekly. Have the freedom to work when you want, where you want and on your own terms. Start proving yourself in the ToroChallenge™ now!

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