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Gamified trade scenarios let you experience what it’s like to be a real Wall Street trader. Our captivating game teaches stocks, Cryptos, Futures, and Forex short-term trading. Plus, themed challenges and personalized daily goals engage players and develop trade performance.

Play Alone or with Friends

Team play with up to 20 friends or try Solo Challenge. Fast-paced multiplayer challenges develop agility allowing you to earn points and unlock rewards. Win wedges to buy and sell stocks in “Highest Balance” mode. Single-player ups your quick-decision and problem-solving skills. Go head-to-head against friends or dynamic fictional characters who get progressively harder to beat. Replay mode allows you to test scenarios and react accurately to market behaviors.

Stock Market Game

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stock market game for students

Every Click Sharpens Skills & Stock Market Knowledge

Get a grip on how the market works with fun, fast-paced trading games online. Strategize and hone skills as you:

  • Unlock Rewards & Earn Leaderboard Spots.
  • Monitor Players’ In-Game Progress.
  • Stay Engaged with Personalized Daily Goals.
  • Interpret Market Trends & Accurately Read Charts.

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Learn to Trade with Virtual Stock Market Games

Level up trading skills and unlock rewards as you journey through ingeniously designed book-themed maps. Releasing innovative time sequences elevates you to new levels, growing funds, and market intelligence.

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