How you can become a professional trader

A day trader can be referred to as one who buys and sells stocks and ends the trading day with absolutely no open positions. In case a position is held for more than one trading day, it is referred to as a swing trade. The term ‘Day Trading’ can hence be used to refer to the act of opening trading positions and closing them before a trading day is over. Speaking of trading positions, the positions taken can either be long or short. ‘Long’ involves buying outright while ‘short’ entails borrowing shares. To make the profit, you must learn to take advantage of volatility by opening and closing trades at the right time.

Top Tips on How to Become a Successful Day Trader

If you would want to get started with day trading, here are some tips on how you can become a successful day trader successful day trader.

  • Establish a Trading Plan

To be a professional trader, you should come up with a good strategy to focus on and perfect. So as to find one, you can get a strategy from the internet that suits your schedule, financial resources, and personality traits. After getting a good strategy, practice it, and make your own adjustments. Note down your trades and keep getting better by analyzing what you did right and wrong on the losers.

With a good trading strategy, you can be able to focus on the best trading opportunities. This contributes to overall trading success.

You have to know the critical features of the software you use for trading. When you want to execute a trade, you will have no time to look at help files or search menus. You ought to know trading actions to take such as entering a market or limit order, entering a stop-loss order and much more.

  • Get Relevant Information on Price Movements

Earlier on, traders used to have dinners with CEOs of big corporations and also read papers so as to learn about well-performing stocks. Today, you don’t have to do that as the internet offers a perfect tool for day trading. If you want to be a successful day trader, you will want to have multiple screens on your computer to help you in analysis. It is almost impossible to conduct successful day trading without the aid of multiple screens as data and news feeds appear simultaneously across different channels. You need to capture as much information as possible and multiple monitors will help you to achieve that.

  • Know How to Do Technical Analysis

Unlike fundamental analysis that requires you to keep yourself in the know at all times, technical analysis needs you to have proper knowledge of price movements and graphs. A trader analyzes the graphs and looks for a convergence of support and resistance using different methods like multiple frame analysis. This kind of method allows you to analyze stock prices using charts that record distinct time frames.


Invest Time to Day Trading Education

Day trading is not a get rich quick scheme nor is it something that takes some few days to master. Expect to spend at least six months sharpening your skills and practicing a strategy before you are comfortable with all conditions. The hard truth is that a day trading strategy might work today and fail you tomorrow. Therefore, you must learn how to make needed adjustments to your day trading strategy. Doing this will require a lot of time and patience from you.

  • Study the Psychology of Day Trading

This does not mean that you should have a Ph.D. in psychology. However, it is good to know some psychology basics. This will help you to control fear, greed, and emotions as you engage in trading. Doing this will allow you to focus more on what drives the market rather other unimportant things.

  • Track Your Progress

Trading demands a consistent learning process. Even the very best traders are always looking for new ways to improve on their trading. The only way to get better at your day trading is to record what you are doing and search for ways to make improvements. The analysis you do should relate back to your main goal. Therefore, if you want to be making a certain profit every day, you should constantly analyze the activities you do that are getting you closer to your goal and eliminate those that are keeping you farther away.

How We Can Help You                                                          

The aforementioned strategies are all good and can help you become a professional trader. However, they take a lot of time and effort to learn and implement. This is where we come in. How would it feel to work with people that have been in the industry long enough to know what works and what doesn’t? Through our coaching, training, and funding, we can assist you to be a successful trader that you have always dreamt of.

Whether you are just starting out or are already a stock market veteran, we want to offer you the opportunity to make money from our t2b trading bundle. You don’t need to make any capital or deposit contribution. Just invest your risk and time, and you are set to go.

Steps to Becoming a Professional Trader with Us

Becoming a pro trader with us is easy and involves only 5 steps:

  1. Apply

Apply today and get complete access to our software which will provide you real-time market data.

  1. Get Trained

Get trained using online videos that cover all aspects of trading. Some key aspects include trading psychology, risk management, and strategy.

  1. Get Funded

We provide you a $25,000 live account to start day trading in the evaluation stage.

  1. Get Coached

We will offer you guidance from day one and will work with you to build your trading strategies based on your objectives.

  1. Become a Pro Trader

Get more trading capital and make money. Our profit-sharing system reaches up to 90%.

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MONTREAL, Quebec – Sept. 18, 2017 – PRLog — Day trading has lost its appeal since its peak almost twenty years ago. Many day traders have given up on the industry after the growth of High-Frequency Trading (HFT),  new stringent regulations,  and repeatedly taking losses. This is very unfortunate and is not the solution,” states Makram Kebti, managing director. “We believe manual day trading will always be there, mechanical systems can never replace the human mind.  If you have the right approach and the discipline to see it through, you will profit.”

Trader2B which traces back to 2010, believes in giving everyone an equal opportunity to succeed. “There are so many talented people around the globe who have the motivation and passion, but just lack the proper training, mentorship, and funding to succeed over the long-term. That’s where we come in as a prop trading firm.”

Trader2b offers a new-age training approach based on proven principles used by today’s leading top traders. “We help people develop their own blueprint for success and put them through an evaluation or test stage to find their confidence. We trade blue chips from the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ.  We look for volatile big name stocks such as:  Facebook, Bank of America, Coca-Cola, etc.”

Upon completing the Trader2b evaluation stage, traders begin with an account size of $50,000 to $250,000 and receive up to a 90% profit share paid out weekly.

“Trading is a complex art and we want to seek and reward hard-working and disciplined day traders,” states Sam Wang, portfolio risk manager. “There is no easy road to success. We support our traders every step of the way and set realistic expectations for them.  We also constantly manage  the firm’s daily drawdown”

A day trading career has many attractive benefits, but only a select few have succeeded in the past. “No one is going to profit 100% of the time. Because of this we first need to manage risk. This is the most important tool that a trader can have,” affirms Sam.

Due to popular demand, Trader2b is currently offering unlimited one-on-one coaching and mentorship with proven and successful traders.

“Many people repeat the same mistakes over and over. We make it our priority to educate our traders and ensure they don’t repeat mistakes. By helping more and more traders succeed, our plan is to build the world’s largest virtual trading floor with thousands of successful traders working from their homes, offices, or anywhere they have an internet connection. We are also introducing a mobile APP.

Even though people are aware of the difficulty and inherent risks involved in Day Trading the demand has been stronger than ever. If you feel day trading may be right for you, you can learn more at

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What is the trader2B Evaluation?

What is the trader2B Evaluation?

Trader evaluation

trader2B (t2B) uses the evaluation to assess newcomer traders. Newcomers include anyone who has applied to become a trader2B Prop Trader regardless of background or trading skill. Three hundred trades and 1,000USD net profit must be achieved in order to complete the evaluation.

The first net profit of 1,000USD earned by each trader goes into the risk pool. The risk pool covers other trader’s losses. Three hundred trades are used to get a relatively accurate depiction of trading skill and volatility.

Traders who have accumulated a net loss of 1,000USD, or who consistently do not comply with the max loss rules are removed from the evaluation program. They are refunded for any outstanding non-traded months following a 30 days’ advance notice.

Upon completion of the evaluation, it is determined how much buying power to give to a trader. trader2B predicts future trades using technical indicators such as profit/loss, average profit, average loss, and the Sharpe Ratio. Buying power can be adjusted anywhere from 10,000-250,000USD. As most traders know, the higher the buying power, the more sizeable the payouts may be.

The evaluation is performed using real money and must be completed in order to become a paid Prop Trader.

You can apply to trader2B


What is a proprietary trading firm?

What is a proprietary trading firm?

proprietary trading firm

Proprietary (prop) trading firms are characterized by using company capital to make trades. What sets prop firms apart is that they make and lose money directly from trades rather than from commissions and rebates on trades, as is common with most brokerages. Prop firms seek to build strong trading teams that use sound strategies to consistently beat the markets. They have the potential to reap some of the greatest rewards in spite of high-risk exposure.

Proprietary firms have been challenged throughout time to adapt to the constantly changing markets, as can be noted with the demise of Citibank’s trading team in 2016. Their strategy was based on collateralized mortgage obligations (CMO) and could no longer profit as a direct result of the 2007-2008 financial crisis. You will only ever hear about a prop team after they go bust because they will never tell you their secret to success. Big proprietary names such as Getco and Optiver have been seen dating back to the early 2000’s. It seems likely that adaptability to the changing markets, regulations, and technology are common factors in firms who have remained profitable over time.

trader2B (t2B) is a proprietary trading firm

trader2B (t2B) funds day traders with company capital much like all other prop firms. What sets t2B apart is that it has traders from all over the world, called ‘remote traders‘. Established in 2006 by few highly successful day traders and headquartered in Montreal, Canada, trader2B has taken a new edge on the day trading scene.

They incorporated online trading technology to meet the demands of an ever-changing, global market. The unique aspect of the t2B program is that it has been known to accept traders without any extensive background check or an all-star trading record. Experienced traders and newbie traders alike have the chance to prove their trading skills by achieving three hundred trades, 1000USD, and the Sharpe ratios needed for sizeable boosts in buying power. At the completion of the trader2B Evaluation, traders leave behind one thousand dollars to go into the company’s risk pool. The risk pool covers other trader’s losses.

Traders who have completed the Evaluation are provided the opportunity to really profit and make a reliable income. To profit with trader2B, traders must have net profits that exceed the cost of the Trader’s Package. Every trader subscribes to a Trader’s Package including, 25000USD real money, a high-end trading platform called, Haywood Trader, NASDAQ level 1&2 data, Traders Reports, and Evaluation/Payout.

trader2B encourages individual trading strategies, all while establishing a trading community. The firm never asks traders to compensate for losses, giving many people access to a trading platform with real money. It seems that trader2B benefits newbie traders as a place to learn hands-on, and prop traders looking to join a powerful team.

You can apply to trader2B