Smart Day Trading Starts Here

Our Mission

We develop, educate, and advance human know-how. As machines shape the market and algorithms replace deductive reasoning, trader2B ushers in a new paradigm: build the most prominent virtual trading floor in the world where human potential fuels opportunities.

Smart Learning

Real-time simulation ups your game, teaching trading with no risk to personal capital.

Paying It Forward

We return the cost of your subscription on acceptance into an affiliated partner program.

Help When You Need It

Our support desk is staffed with a team of customer service professionals ready to help with technical and product information.

Endless Opportunities

Meet challenge benchmarks, and you can get an affiliate partner-funded trading account of up to $150,000 on a profit-sharing split.

Providing an unlimited amount of trading practice, with absolutely no financial risk, is what makes trader2B a game changer in trading education.”

Jean M, trader

One Platform—Boundless Possibilities

Immerse yourself into a techno-gaming system where you develop and hone trading formulas while competing with and learning from other aspiring traders.

Tweak Trading Skills

Our unrivaled platform provides next-level trading practice. The ToroChallenge® intuitive system integrates dark pools and exchanges, giving you limitless practice in mimicking execution orders and liquidity risk-free.

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