Competitive Payouts

Benefits Of Joining The Trader2B Community

There are many aspects of being a pro-level trader that make such an occupation appealing. The prospect of high earnings is probably the most attractive, and that’s exactly what makes Trader2B such a great platform for honing your trading skills. But, another equally great feature of becoming a member of the Trader2B community has to do with payouts.

Provides Complete Control Over Your Own Profits

Namely, Trader2B offers some of the most competitive payouts on the market and, thereby, revolutionizes the game by allowing you – the trader – to be in full control of the frequency of your payout. This goes for both when you’re interested in cashing out on a bi-weekly basis and when you’re looking to continue turning over your profits in order to grow even more capital. Your capital is completely and 100% in your own control, and the same applies to your payout system with Trader2B now offering up to 85% payouts.

Not Only Can You Practice Trading – Your Talent Will Also Get Recognized

But, it doesn’t end there: proving yourself as a genuine trader and earning PRO status means that you’ll be at the receiving end of a fully funded account that can go as high as $250,000! Needless to say that payouts galore come with such an amazing account, the payout rates of which are 50% for under $5,000, 75% for between $5,000-$10,000, and 85% over $10,000. How’s that for incentivizing up-and-coming Pro Traders?

Once you prove yourself and become a Pro Trader, you will be given a funded account upto $250,000 and receive a payout rate of:

If you already have some trading experience,
and you’re just missing a mentor,
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