Learn how to day trade stocks today.
Our ToroChallenge™ trains you.

We fund you so we can both make money.

Thousands of people have used ToroChallenge™ to become excellent stock day traders. You can, too.

Learn to be a professional day trader in stocks with a trader2B ToroChallenge™ subscription. The ToroChallenge™ is a stock market training software that emulates a real stock market, allowing you to learn how to buy and sell stocks in a safe, risk free environment. Reach the final ToroChallenge™ target (The Challenge) and we will REFUND* you the initial cost of your ToroChallenge™ subscription AND fund you to trade with OUR capital.

Day tarding App

Once you have learned how to day trade stocks effectively and you have passed The ToroChallenge, trader2B will give you a COMPLETELY FUNDED ACCOUNT to start proprietary trading. As you work from home and make money prop trading, we take a small cut of the profits, leaving the rest for you.

ToroChallenge™ can be used by beginner traders to develop their skills in financial markets before you start trading with your own capital or experienced traders to improve and advance your strategies and evaluate your trading skills and get access to funded account up to 100k.

You learn remote trading on the US stock markets and you and we both make money from the comprehensive new skill of day trading you’ve learned. We put up the capital for you to trade with, you put in no capital contribution. Everybody wins!

3 Simple Steps to Trade with our Capital

Sign up simulation

1. Learn

Sign up for the ToroChallenge™ software and learn to become a professional day trader in the stock markets

Trade simulation

2. Pass

Pass The Challenge and prove you are up to the task of trading with our capital.

Trade simulation

3. Earn

Receive a completely funded trading account with OUR capital and start trading for us. Keep up to 90% of the profits you make. You don’t put up any capital.

become prop trader

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Here’s what you get with a ToroChallenge™ Subscription



A library of online video training that cover all aspects of trading.
Comprehensive educational videos that guides you through the learning process from basic concepts to advance day trading techniques.

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An Advanced and fast real-time trading App for desktop and mobile. Quick order entry -hotkeys.
Trade from chart. Automated risk features.

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A user-friendly dashboard that gives you feedback and analytics from your trading so you can analyze your own performance and make adjustments to it. Includes: Profit & Loss statement, transaction history, trading reports.

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Gain access to day trading enthusiast community of ToroChallenge traders and share the experience. You get on-going support from experienced coaches and the chance to listen in on the opinions and feedbacks from those that actively trade the same thing as you. This useful feature will ensure you are never trading alone.

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Hear From Our Traders who love trader2B

I always wanted to day trade stocks, but never had the capital to pursue it. Trader 2B gives me the capital to implement my strategy and their coaching staff is always there to answer questions.

Daniel, Melbourne , FL

For the last two years, Trader 2B gave me the tools to learn to day trade the stocks, It gave me the abilityto trade with the flexibility to work around my schedule. Their knowledgeable staff is consistently there to guide me and help with my risk management.

David, San Antonio, TX

I have signed up with ToroChalleng 100k for the past 5 months, I’m using their systems todevelop and test my strategies. I think there are some improvements that could be made to Trader2b trading platform, but I’m happy with its support team, they havea tremendous amount of knowledge, experience and patience to deal with traders as they are learning how to trade for profit.

Pastor, Los Angeles, CA

It’s been 10 months and No regrets, TRADER2B provides an opportunity that no other trading firm does. Great people and support system as well.

Rob, Edmonton, Canada

Live Education focuses on interactive learning and successful day trading habits to help pass the ToroChallenge

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