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Daily Max Loss

Your Daily Total PNL cannot reach or exceed the Daily Max Loss Limit at any point during the trading day (9:30am – 4:00pm). If at any time your Total PNL does exceed this amount for your account, any open trading positions may be flattened, any pending orders may be canceled, and your account may be prevented from placing any new trades until the start of the next trading day (9:30am). The Daily Max Loss Limit is factored in based on each trader’s Total PNL, which includes both unrealized and realized trade PNL values. For example, in a $100K ToroChallenge, the Daily Max Loss is $500. Therefore, if at any point during the trading day your Total PNL reaches or exceeds -$500, the Daily Max Loss is considered to be breached and you will no longer be able to trade for the remainder of the trading day. 

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