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How to Setup Keyboard Trading in Haywood Trader?

Traders can also use the keyboard (hot keys) to make trades, in addition to clicking a trade using a mouse.

The following are the steps for setting up keyboard trading:

  1. Go to Setting from the main Menu Bar
  2. Go to Keyboard Trading Tab in the Settings menu
  3. Go create a new hotkey click Create (button on the bottom)
    • Account: Select your Toro account
    • Symbol: Choose “Displayed” (unless you want to set up for specific symbol)
    • Side: choose order side (Buy or Sell)
    • Price: Under the drop-down menu, choose the desired price
    • Destination: Choose SIM1(or any other if available)
    • Order Type: Day (by default)
    • Quantity: Choose “Typed” and input desired share size beside it
    • Shortcut: Choose F keys starting from F1–F12
    • Name: Choose your desired name for the shortcut
    • Repeat: Leave it at 1 (unless you want it to repeat the order multiple times)
    • Action: Enter and Submit (is by default)
    • Click OK to save

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