Become a partner & Grow your trading business

Since we started trader2B a few years ago, we’ve always made it a priority to share our program with other trading businesses because we know how beneficial it can be. Fast forward to now, and it is our pride and joy to be partnered with some of the world’s best trading groups, schools, and centers.
Our remote trading program allows us to be flexible and adapt to our partners’ needs, and we provide our partners with market access to trade our capital (without having to make a capital investment of your own).

If you’re interested – contact us today to see what opportunities we can discover together.

Want to see how you can benefit from partnering with us?

As a partner, you’ll receive:Trading liquidity through our firm’s capital

A high-end, professional trading platform trusted by hundreds of our users

Specific routing execution strategies

Access to different exchanges around the world via top tier brokers

The fulfillment of special customization requests including:

Real-time trading reports

Back-office support

Dedicated trading consultants and risk management professionals to help control your risk and support you in your day to day trading operations

And much, much more

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