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A.1) Who is trader2B?

Since 2006, trader2B has been helping traders realize and achieve their financial goals. Our mission is to build the largest virtual trading floor in the world, achieving our goals by helping others achieve theirs. We help traders achieve financial freedom, trading from the comfort of their homes by providing training, funding, and coaching.

A.2) What is remote day trading?

Day trading is the opening and closing of positions on the same day, "No overnight positions". The trading network is remote, and traders can have online access from all over the globe.

A.3) Am I eligible to be a trader?

trader2B offers a remote day trading opportunity, which means that we are able to cater traders from all over the globe who are of 18 years or older. *Please note: trader2B was advised that proprietary traders in Quebec must be regulated by the AMF.

A.4) Which exchanges does trader2B have access to?

You will have remote trading access to U.S. equities and securities from NASDAQ and New York Stock Exchange(NYSE) For a list of the symbols that are being offered, please refer below: ToroChallenge Symbols List

A.5) Can I have more than one active account?

We understand that some traders may have their own trading strategies that require more than one account which we can accommodate but within the rules such as no wash trading within the accounts.

A.6) What holidays affect my trading schedule?

trader2B follows the same holiday schedule as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Please click here for the list of the official holiday calendar.

A.7) What is the difference between ToroChallenge™ & Funded trader?

ToroChallenge™: traders must prove themselves through simulation trading. Pro/Funded Trader: traders that have proven themselves on the ToroChallenge™ and are eligible for payouts.

A.8) What is my goal at trader2B?

Your objective of the ToroChallenge is to reach the profit target without breaking any rules. The profit target is the amount of net profit that needs to be achieved upon completion of any of the  Toro plans in order to be considered for a Funded Live Account.

A.9) Can I trade TSX, Forex and Cryptocurrencies?

We are always listening to our traders to try and add more markets. For more questions please contact [email protected]

A.10) Which platform will I be using with trader2B?

You will be using the Haywood Trader platform and Haywood Mobile Trader. For more information please visit

A.11) Is there a deposit required for my account?

There is no capital investment or risk deposit required.

A.12) Why can’t I trade a symbol anymore?

From time to time, the ETB shortlist changes, therefore trader2B must be up to date with the allowable symbols list. The goal is to be trading in the ToroChallenge as if you were trading in the real market.

A.13) Can I have a Trial Account?

Yes. We do offer a 14-day trial account with real-time market data. Traders engaging in this trial account will not be given the chance to be eligible for a funded live since the purpose of the trial account is for traders to get accustomed to the platform and its functionalities. Apply now!

A.14) Can we apply as a trading group or trading school?

Yes. We have the capital, technology, and infrastructure to accommodate sizable groups and schools.

A.15) What do you offer experienced day traders and groups?

Established traders and groups are provided: • Direct market access • Dark pool access • Customizable order routing • Higher payouts paid weekly • Automated trading availability • A state of the art trading desk • Competitive fees Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions.

A.16) Can I short trade or just long trade?

Yes, you can short stocks and ETF’s. We will provide the traders with a list of the most liquid symbols that can be shorted. If ever the symbol you wish to trade is not in the list, please contact us and we will add it to the list if it is available to short.

A.17) What are the system requirements to run the Haywood Trader EMS on Windows desktop?

Windows 7/10 with 64 bits. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 or more. Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013, can be download from Microsoft site. *Preferably 8GB RAM or more. *Preferably 2 screens.

A.18) How can I improve my trading?

trader2B offers a variety of resources to help develop your trading: • Log into the Dashboard and listen to one of our highly decorated veteran traders. • Watch in-depth videos and test yourself with questions based on what you have learned • trader2B's online chat team can work with traders to help them to review daily statistics (KPI/MyMetrics ), manage setbacks and progress their trading plans.

A.19) Can I trade Forex, Options and Futures with trader2B?

trader2B does not support trading Forex, options, and futures for the moment, however, funded traders have the option to trade any markets they wish,  Toro subscribers have access to U.S-listed stocks and ETFs. Please click here for a complete list of tradeable symbols.

A.20) What are the main features of Haywood Trading Platform?

Desktop application: Haywood Trader Mobile iOS application: HW Trader To download these trading applications please click on the following link:

A.21) Do I need to be licensed to apply with you?

No, you don't need a license to join, however Quebec traders will not be able to trade because they might need to be licensed by the AMF.

A.22) Can I use my own algorithms (API) to trade with trader2B?

Yes. We provide C#API access to Advanced Toro150 3months subscribers to trade using their own algorithms. Please email [email protected] for the test environment and API documentation.

A.23) Can I use the platform and the mobile app at the same time?

You cannot be signed in on both the desktop platform and the mobile app because traders will not be able to send orders from both simultaneously.

A.24) Do you allow OTC trading?

Unfortunately, trader2B does not trade over-the-counter stocks. We trade the most liquid names that are also available to short in the stock market.(ETB) For a complete symbols list, please refer to our ToroChallenge™ Symbols List.

B.1) What is the ToroChallenge™?

The ToroChallenge™ is a real-time, simulated trading system. You can test your strategy and prove to be profitable in the markets. You also must demonstrate you can manage risk and that our capital is safe in your hands. This is designed to ensure consistency and to get you to your ultimate goal of a Funded Live Account. If you meet the Profit Targets in the ToroChallenge™ without breaking a rule, your Funded Live Account will be waiting.

B.2) How do I get started?

The first step is to sign up to the trader2B Dashboard and enroll in one of the ToroChallenge™  programs. The second step is to follow the ToroChallenge rules and parameters while reaching the profit target with a minimum of 200 round trades. Lastly, earn your funded trading account and claim your well-deserved profits.  

B.3) What are the rules for ToroChallenge™?

ToroChallenge Rules

Rules help you develop discipline, control risk, and become consistently profitable.
1. Trade in the market hours. No overnight positions.
2. Traders need to cancel all their open order/s and flat their position/s before 16:00 ET.
3. Do not reach the Total Max Drawdown.
4. Reach the profit target within the minimum of round trades.
Reset: Traders can choose to reset their account at their own convenience, and that will reset their account balances and trading statistics to 0.
Renewal: Traders will carry forward their account balances if they renew their account before or on the expiration date. (Free reset will be provided to the account upon renewal)
Reimbursement: The initial ToroChallenge subscription reimbursement, will be paid out to the trader once they request their first payout from their Live Trading Account.

Choose one of the ToroChallenge® plans below.


 TORO25              TORO100            TORO150

Buying Power
Profit Target
Daily Max Loss
Account Max Drawdown
Max position/Symbol
Round Trades
200 Round Trades
200 Round Trades
200 Round Trades

B.4) What does ‘Have a minimum of 200rt’ mean?

-Buying and selling a stock equals to one round trade. -Simply put, having 400 trades is considered to be 200 round trades.

B.5) What is the Daily Max Loss?

Your Daily Total PNL cannot reach or exceed the Daily Max Loss Limit at any point during the trading day (9:30am – 4pm). If at any time your Total PNL does exceed this amount for your account, any open trading positions may be flattened, any pending orders may be canceled, and your account may be prevented from placing any new trades until the start of the next trading day (9:30am). The Daily Max Loss Limit is factored based on each trader’s Total PNL, which includes both unrealized and realized trade PNL values. For example, in a $100K ToroChallenge, the Daily Max Loss is $500. Therefore, if at any point during the trading day your Total PNL reaches or exceeds -$500, the Daily Max Loss is considered to be breached and you will not longer be able to trade for the remainder of the trading day.  

B.6) What does Max Position Size mean?

The Max Position/Symbol is the maximum shares of one symbol position allowed. For example, if you have a Max Position of 1000 shares, you can only trade up to 1000 shares per symbol. You can trade multiple symbols at the same time.

B.7) If I reach the Max Drawdown, does my account automatically shutdown?

If your account balance from the trading report exceeds the Total Max Drawdown, your account’s buying power will be set to $0 until you reset your account.

B.8) Do I get a funded live account if I reach the profit target but not the 200rt?

No. the reason being is that trader2B wants to ensure that traders can maintain consistency in their trades while being profitable.

B.9) What will happen to my account balance when I renew?

Active subscription will carry forward their account balances if they renew their account before or on the expiration date. (Free reset will be provided to the subscription upon renewal)

B.10) What times can I trade in the ToroChallenge™?

trader2B offers a real-life trading experience, therefore traders must trade within the Market hours which are 9:30am – 4:00pm EST.

B.11) What is the max loss per share of a symbol?

Toro subscribers have two options to set their risk; per symbol max loss or per daily max loss.  Please refer to the symbols reference table for the max loss per share of a symbol. It is the responsibility of the trader to monitor and implement their drawdown positions when the max loss is reached.

B.12) When and how will I get my credentials?

Once enrolled, you will receive an email containing the login credentials, the procedures, rules and a symbols list to get started with your ToroChallengeTM Account. Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions.

B.13) After proving myself, do I still have to pay the monthly Toro subscription?

Once you become a Funded Trader, there will be no need to pay the monthly ToroChallenge™ subscription. The only monthly fee you will need to pay is $154.50 for the professional market data.

B.14) Can I trade right after I get the email with my login credentials?

You will be able to log into your account once you get the email from the support team containing your username and password. However, you will not be able to execute trades until you follow the steps provided in the email to register for the real-time market data.

B.15) How do I complete the ToroChallenge™?

Subscribers will complete the ToroChallenge™ when they reach their profit target of 6% and executing a minimum of 200 round trades without breaking any trading rules.

B.16) Why are there trading fees on the trading report, when I’m in the ToroChallenge™?

The reason we add fees during the ToroChallenge™ is that trading the stock market is not free in the real market. When you pass the ToroChallenge™, you will get a funded account to trade in the real market with real money, and you will have exactly the same fees on your funded trading account. The net PnL on the Haywood Trader platform is an accurate profit indicator showing you what you have made during the trading day.

B.17) How does the billing cycle work?

Your subscription starts the day that you sign the real-time market data for the ToroChallenge™.  Whether it be monthly or quarterly, you will be billed at the end of your subscription cycle automatically. If you do not wish to be billed or would not like to continue the ToroChallenge subscription, you will need to inform us at least 10 days in advance from the end of your billing cycle at [email protected]

B.18) Will I get funded if I meet the profit target and minimum round trades in the trial?

The trial period is meant for subscribers to familiarize themselves with the platform and its functionalities. The trial results do not count as metrics towards the ToroChallenge.

B.19) Will my account get shutdown if I reach the max drawdown during the 14 day trial?

No, your account will not get shutdown if you reach the account max drawdown. The 14 day trial is meant for traders to get acquainted with the platform and its functionalities.

B.20) How can I review my trading performance?

trader2B provides Toro subscribers with MyMetrics, which is available from the Dashboard. This gives traders a detailed summary of their trading history to better analyze and improve their trading strategies.

B.21) What is a Reset?

Since the ToroChallenge™ is designed to allow you to learn from your mistakes in a safe environment, you may reset your account balance and rules at any point in the ToroChallenge™ for $100. (To process a Reset payment, you will need to login on your dashboard.)

B.22) Am I able to upgrade my ToroChallenge™ account?

Toro subscribers can surely upgrade their ToroChallenge package if they feel that it would be more beneficial to them.

B.23) Am I only limited to trading the symbols provided in the ToroChallenge™ Symbols List?

trader2B is always looking to add more symbols to the List. The symbols list provided to Toro subscribers includes the most liquid and shortable in NASDAQ and NYSE markets. If you have any symbols in mind that you would like to trade but are not available in the list, you can surely send us a request at [email protected]

B.24) Do I have to be in a higher ToroChallenge™ tier to have access to all the educational resources?

Regardless of the ToroChallenge™ package that you have subscribed to, trader2B will give access to all of the educational resources that are available to all subscribers.

B.25) Is the profit target just profits from the trades or are fees deducted?

The profit target is the profit of the trades minus fees.

B.26) How do I cancel the ToroChallenge subscription?

You can cancel your trader2B subscription at any time prior to your billing cycle by logging into your dashboard, hover the mouse over your name on the right side of the screen. Click on the order you would like to cancel and follow the cancellation procedures.

C.1) How long does it take to increase my buying power and share limits?

When the traders have proven to be more profitable, they can request an increase in their buying power. Share limits may be increased anytime during the evaluation period and thereafter.

C.2) What is the frequency of the payout and how is it made?

The withdrawals are based on monthly calculations. trader2B issues payouts bi-weekly or monthly basis based on the profits of the previous month. You can request a payout 1st week of the month and the 3 week of the month. Trader's account balance will be adjusted at the end of each month. Payments are made through PayPal or bank wire transfer.

C.3) What are the trading fees and does trader2B pass the exchange rebates back to the trader?

trader2B will pass-through the trading fees, as follow: SEC fee (Sell Side); percentage per million dollars on the executed order. Exchange fees can be credit or debit depends if your order it’s an aggressive ( MKT order ) or passive ( Limit Order). Commission fee is $0.003 /share, which is considered to be the lowest on the market.

C.4) What is the Payout rate?

Payout rate is: 75% to the trader - 25% to the company.

C.5) How much is Pro Market Data?

Professional market data will range from $85 - $300 depending on which data does trader require such as Level 1, Level 2, Total Open View and so on. Professional market data will only be available for Pro/Funded Traders once they complete their ToroChallenge™ program.

C.6) Funded Trading Account Rules

Funded Trading Account Rules

1. All positions need to be flat before 16:00 EST. No overnight positions are allowed.
2. If the trader reaches the daily max on his first trading day, the daily max loss will be reduced to half on the second day. If the trader reaches the daily max on his second trading day, the daily max loss will be reduced to half on the third day. If the trader reaches the daily max loss for three consecutive days, they must go back to the ToroChallenge and prove themselves again at their own cost.
3. Traders’ daily max loss will be set to normal once their Total Balance is positive.
Software Cost: Free
Market Data Professional Exchange Market Data Fees.
Trading fees: All pass-through exchange fees. Payout and Reimbursement: trader2B will reimburse ToroChallenge initial subscription fee, once you request your first payout from your Funded Trading Account. To be qualified for the reimbursement, your gross balance must be 3 times or more your initial subscription. Example: You subscribed to Toro25 @$299/Month.To request your payout, your Total Balance must be $900 or more.
*Payout will be bi-weekly or monthly with end of the month adjustment. *Payout Payments will be made through PayPal or Bank wire.
*Disclaimer: You acknowledge and agree that trader2B is not a broker-dealer and the funding it will be handled by a third-party investing firm.
Buying Power Increase Table
Starting BP Account Equity “Cushion” BP Increase to
$100,000 $15,000 $150,000
$150,000 $25,000 $250000
$250,000 $35,000 $500,000
$500,000 $60,000 $750,000
$750,000 $90,000 $1,000,000

C.7) How much equity do I need to build before I can request more buying power, share limits or additional trading symbols?

Pro Traders would need to build up an equity balance in the Live trading account before they can request to have additional buying power, changes to share limit or request a symbol to be traded that is not in the allowable symbols list.

C.8) What stocks can I trade in the Pro/Funded live trading account?

Traders must trade their most profitable stocks from the ToroChallenge at the start of their funded live trading account until they have built up equity balance in the account. Once equity has been built, the trader will have the flexibility to trade other stocks in the allowable symbols list.

C.9) When will my subscription reimbursement be issued?

trader2B will reimburse ToroChallenge initial subscription fee, once you request your first payout from your Funded Trading Account. To be qualified for the reimbursement, your net payout (after the split) must be 2 times your initial subscription or more. Example: You subscribed to Toro25 @$299/Month. To request your payout, your net payout must be $600 or more.

C. 10) What happens when a trader hits a 3-day losing streak?

If a trader has 3 consecutive losing days, the trader must go back to the ToroChallenge and complete it again to be back in the Funded live trading account.

D.1) Remote Desktop

We advise subscribers to download AnyDesk or TeamViewer to allow screen sharing with our support agents. This way our team of dedicated support representatives can work on your troubleshooting issues first-hand.

D.2) Why can’t I log in?

Normally traders don’t have any issues logging in to the platform. In the case that a trader has trouble logging in, it is usually due to the trader’s computer connection with the server. You will need to close the application and restart the computer to revive your connection to the servers. If you are still having trouble logging in, please contact our support team at [email protected]

D.3) Why aren’t I able to execute orders?

There are a few reasons why traders are not able to execute orders: • You didn’t assign a destination for your orders and executions. • You did not select the desired amount of positions to trade for the chosen symbol • Make sure the ‘Market Data’ and ‘Haywood’ connection is active (if not, try closing the application and logging back in. Normally it’s because your computer missed a signal from the server)

D.4) Why is my Market Data not showing?

Trader’s market data subscription restarts at the end of the trader's calendar month for a fee of 49$.

D.5) I’m not able to see MyMetrics on the Dashboard

You need to log out and log back in from the Dashboard with the same email you subscribed to the ToroChallenge.

D.6) When flatting, what does “Insufficient Buying Power or Account Balance” mean ?

That means you have open orders in the order blotter window, so you will need to cancel all the open orders to continue trading.

D.7) Why isn’t the Haywood Trading Application turning on my desktop?

Give the support representative your TeamViewer credentials to log onto your computer. Please make sure your computers software settings have atleast 8gb of RAM and 64-bit. Next, check the Task Manager to verify if the computer is being used more than normal.

D.8) Why isn’t my chart working?

Check the link of the chart if it responds from the internet browser. If not, clean the cookies

D.9) Why does my account status say ‘Closed Position Only’?

When a trader reaches his daily Max Loss during the day, his account will be in Close/Cancel Only mode and he will be unable to send orders or execute trades for the remainder of the day, until the next trading day.

D.10) When I login to Haywood Trader, why does it say “You don’t have any Quote Media account, please register your Quote Media account here”?

It means that you have not registered for real-time market data with Quote Media. Please follow the instructions that are attached with ToroChallenge™ credentials email. If you need any help, please contact us at [email protected].

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