Options Trading

Currently,  U.S Equities options trading is not available on our apps. However, we are actively working on launching an options trading pilot project in the coming weeks. We would appreciate it if you could email us your full name and phone number so that we can reach out to you with more information regarding this […]

Scaling Plan

The scaling plan is a systematic approach for funded traders to expand their real trading accounts based on their current account balance (excluding withdrawals). When a trader’s Net PNL reaches 25% of their buying power, their funded account’s buying power will be doubled. This can be illustrated using the table below as an example: Example […]

What is Consistency Score?

A proprietary measure developed by trader2B® indicates a trader’s ability to manage risk effectively and maintain consistent performance in trading. The measure formula takes into account several factors to determine the score, including: Maximum Daily Drawdown: This refers to the largest decline in the trader’s account balance from a peak to a subsequent low point […]

Can I pay for me to get funded?

No, we are not a Broker, and we don’t take deposits. You may choose and complete one of our ToroChallenge Plans to get a Funded Account. 

Can my 14-day trial be extended?

No. Since the purpose of the trial account is for traders to get accustomed to the platform and its functionalities. You can subscribe to any of the ToroChallenge plans.

Is trader2B a Broker?

No, trader2B is a stock trading simulator that that provides funded trading accounts to those who has proven themselves in the ToroChallenge.

How to Submit a Ticket?

If you are unable to find any answer to your questions in the Help Center, you can submit a ticket to our Support Team. Go to Dashboard and login into your account Select “Submit a Ticket” on the left-hand side. Fill out the information (Name, Email, Department) Put a Subject and the description of your […]